We are fanatics of virtual reality We are what we create. We are gamers.

Everyone is always amazed when they see the something that is perfect. We build a reality just like that. Providing you an experience where you never want to leave. Reality Reflection creates the most immersive and fun to play VR games and services, so everyone can fall in love with this latest experience.
Our works reflect us in real life. We are engineers, artists, marketers and game designers. But building the what is perfect takes a lot more than a skill set. As gamers, creators and pranksters, Reality Reflection designs a new universe by using the latest technology, quirky ideas and teamwork. In Reality Reflection, working is like playing games. Each day we encounter new challenges to tackle and discover new quests to complete. Along with friendly top-tier teammates, we are here on one mission: spreading the experience of virtual reality.


Wooram Son
CEO, Co-Founder
3D Computer Graphic Expert S/W Engineer, Samsung Electronics
Chester Roh
CSO, Co-Founder
Serial Enterpreneur
Founder, Inzen (IPO in Korea)
Founder, TNC (acquired by Google)
Founder, 5Rocks (acquired by Tapjoy)
Minuk Kim
CTO, Co-Founder
3D Computer Graphic Expert
S/W Engineer, Pantech
Sean Oh
COO, Co-Founder
Digital Human Character Expert S/W Engineer, Samsung Electronics
Yongjun Hong
CFO, Co-Founder
CFO, 5Rocks
PwC Korea Accountant
Jiin Kim
Project Director
Sangkyun Han
Lead Designer
Gowngwoon Moon
System Designer
Sumin Yu
System Designer
Chanjun Kim
Art Director
Eunjoo Kim
Technical Artist
Jinhyun Kim
3D Artist
Hyunyoung Kim
Concept Artist
Joonyeon Kim
Software Engineer
Yejun Jang
Lead Engineer
Inhye Park
Software Engineer
Joohyun Kim
Operations Manager
Hyunbin Nam
Game Designer
Suenghyun Kim
Game Designer
Byucryun Choi
3D Artist
Sangmin Lee
3D Environment Artist
Youngsoon Choi
Concept Artist
Jungin Seung
Effect Artist
Youngdae Cho
Software Engineer
Hyuntae Cho
Software Engineer
Yunu Kim
Software Engineer
Hyunwook Nam
Software Engineer
Junchul Park
Software Engineer
Hakyung Lee
UX Designer
Joy Jungwoo Lee
UX Designer
Emily Soyeon Park
Marketing Manager
Hyunwoo Kim
Communication Manager
Jérôme Hernandez
Creative Engineer
Sohee Won
Project Manager
Youngbum Kim
System Designer
Dohong Kang
Concept Artist
Hyunjae Seo
3D Artist
Bokyung Kim
Marketing Manager
Alexander Hongshik Kim
Marketing Manager
Hyeonseong Cho
Data Scientist